Idle worship?


Tony had worshipped Charlie since they were kids playing in the woods. They spent hours building forts, creating networks of rope swings across the gulch, and reading comic books.

Every week, Charlie had ideas that popped like popcorn and Tony was his partner in crime.

In Eighth grade, Tony’s dad got transferred to Stockton and the boys didn’t see one another until a freak meeting in college. Both boys played JV Baseball at their respective colleges and, one spring day, Tony was pitching to Charlie. They had exchanged rapid handshakes before the game and there they were. The very first pitch Charlie hit a fast ball at Tony – which he caught and Charlie was out.They both laughed. After the game, they just missed one another.

Flash forward 40 years, and both men met again as members of the Sierra Club Singles/Seniors Division. There was a costume party at Muir Woods and attendees were to come dressed as their favorite tree, bush, or flower.  Charlie sent Tony a text about his costume and “Copycat!”  was what Charlie barked when he saw his old friend.


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2 Responses to Idle worship?

  1. Bodynsoil says:

    How fun that these two friends continue to randomly run into each other and I love the sticky costume on the left.

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