Binkie, Dating 101 is no longer an elective


Let’s say you haven’t been on a First Date since Janis Joplin was at the Fillmore.

Perhaps you are 50++, fresh divorced, widowed or just back in the social saddle and ready to try dating again.

For some singles, it might be decades since your last date…it’s going to be okay.

You might be fraught with worry, totally nervous and wondering: have the dating rules changed? Do you kiss and hug on the fist date or shake hands? Does she pay for herself now?

Like millions of other singles, you first sign up on a free dating site (OKCupid, Plenty of Fish) to test the waters. After weeks of trawling online – perhaps even changing dating sites, you might connect with someone you rather like.


You exchanged the requisite  two – three e-mails, two telephone calls, and both decided upon meeting for the proverbial ‘Coffee Date.’ Now what?

Relax. Have a good time and avoid these “Top 10 Dating Blunders and Bloopers”

Remember: Never Ever

1. Arrive late and fail to apologize.
2.Share details about your divorce. Nobody wants to hear about it. Really.

3. Assume the other person will pay for coffee. You are a big girl/boy.

4. Take and make phone calls during the date.
5. Post an ancient photo of yourself, which doesn’t remotely resemble you6. Advertise you are divorced, when you’re really separated. Truth in advertising is big in this area, too.
7. Ask your date how much they  earn, weigh, their height or their “Real Age.”

8. Regale your date with any stories of your past trophy dates and exploits.

9. Step out for a smoke. Return with a toothpick. Yawn. Three strikes – yer’ out!

10. “Go HR” this is supposed to be a coffee date, not a job interview.

couple-437987__180If you follow the Top 10  Blooper Warnings, you are abound to have a great date.

Drop me line and tell me about your First date…


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