Halloween Block Party only $50 per family?

The NextDoor Missive – written by  “N.Titled”  seeks  $50 per family to attend the private Halloween block party. Really?


The Smith family had escaped the City-across-the-bridge looking for simpler, less chaotic life. They were done with the long wait lists to get their kids into Pre-school. Driving, traffic, parking, and lines everywhere inspired them to move to the sweet little village of Mill Valley. They had delusional visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads. They found a good-not-great-house -“Ranch style with potential” is how the realtor sold it.

Just like the City, there were swarms of soccer moms,  yoga moms and really aggressive driving in the school pick up lane moms.

The Smith family adjusted, loving the libraries, the parks, the multiple Whole Foods in town.

She signed up for NextDoor.com to get to know her neighbors. Each day she scanned the long list of “I Need,” Want to Sell,” “Look out for Door Knocking Strangers” posts. Then, she saw an invitation for neighborhood Block Party. Finally! A neighborhood event. Well, it turns out Tiphany and Saundra were organizing a block party – the street would be blocked off and every household would pay $50.

Only in Marin?

She is waiting for the other shoe ( with red soles) to fall…


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