Romeo, Romeo: What turns you on?

Balboa CAfe502768_n

The Romeos (Retired Old Men Eating Out) meet at the Cafe  every first Tuesday for lunch and laughs.

The average age of this coterie is 65.   Justin, 80, is ebullient with a quick wink and a great smile. Eight guys sit around tables pulled together and drink really good wine and share a meal and jokes. You are a very lucky person if they catch you laughing at their lightning fast repartee. That was my good fortune.

The self-appointed Alpha Romeo, Calvin, invited me to share a glass of wine with “The Boys”.

Platters of food and three bottles of High Rock Ranch Syrah were on the zinc-covered tables. The group of friends was engaged and and very entertaining. In the course of an animated conversation, I revealed I was completing a book called “Sex in the City for Girls over 50”. This simple announcement was met with thunderous applause and promises to buy dozens of copies for the Romeos, their cronies, kith and kin. I liked these guys, a lot.

Love never dies of starvation…maybe of indigestion.

When I asked the boys what they did to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the topic of aphrodisiacs came up immediately. They listed the usual: oysters, chocolate, wing of bat, eye of newt, chocolate covered cherries from Peet’s.   Libido, lingering around lingerie and Champagne were bandied about. These good friends laugh a lot and tease even more.

Make Someone Happy

After banter and bravado, Trevor leaned in and said for the last 10 years the dashing Romeos had served lunch at St. Anthony’s Soup Kitchen every Valentine’s Day. Now, that’s a turn on. Happy Valentine’s Day means happy hearts.

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