Age gracefully in Marin County? Maybe

Deena, (70 – admits to being 55) is an ex-flight attendant.

She readily divulges there were a couple of husbands, a few boyfriends, a sweetheart or two, a fling here and there. And there. She says there were a handful of beaus – and way too many bozos.

She used to say, quite frankly, she needed a man in her life. She simply did not want to be alone.

In the beginning…

 She was the prom queen, homecoming queen, Miss Beckworth County, Miss Dairy, then, she landed the career of a lifetime: Flight Attendant. All of her friends said that she had the most fabulous job in the world. They all wanted to know about pilots, the Mile High Club, playboys and all those glamorous destinations she got to visit. Lucky, Deena!

Time marches on…

Life, age, and gravity have all taken a toll. Deena is always on the lookout for any facsimile of the Fountain of Youth – frequently, the makes an appointment  to see Dr. Bodewell aka “Dr. Bod.”

“Dr. Bod” is one of the Top Ten Most Famous San Francisco plastic surgeons His waiting room is filled with women vying for that all-important transformation.  Through the years, Deena has had a few nips and tucks-a half dozen enhancements and various other procedures. You don’t want to know all the “The Work “ she has endured.

A New Meaning for Tiny Bubbles? She is petite; now, she’s now very well endowed; she has youthful, flawless skin and pink plump lips; her teeth resemble Chiclets. And she now has “the ass of the 25-year-old.” She claims the curvaceous, “Bubble Butt” is the ‘new’ nose job.

Kristie reads a book!

Last year, one very slim book changed the way Deena thinks. As a rule, she shies away from any book over 100 pages- it’s just too much thinking for her. It’s not that she doesn’t like thinking- she does, just not too much of it.  And, long books are boring.

Somewhere, she ran across a book called The Knight in the Rusty Armor.  

(Our heroine, a little ADD, thought the book was romance novel called,          “A Night in the Rusty Armoire.”)

Since the book was short, she gave it a look- loved it- she even read the book a second time. In her entire life, she has never read a book a second time.

Now, The New Deena buys three copies of The Knight in Rusty Armor at a time, and gives them – to all of her friends and acquaintances. This book changed her life – just like EST did in the 1970’s.

Deena will now admit to once being totally consumed with her appearance. Looking good – no, looking fabulous -was everything to her. Slowly, carefully, she has climbed off that lofty pedestal and is embracing being “around 60.”

She is a work-in-progress and a lot more fun. She will tell you she is just like “The Knight.” Then, she will urge you to read the book.

Now, a happy girl, she has updated her ‘Bucket List,’ and her ‘To Do List’ and modified her passion to look 39 forever.

An Audrey Hepburn fan, Deena says her new mantra is:

“I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.”

Audrey Hepburn



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