Marin County vs San Francisco: a tale of two car washes

photo_28497_20131005San Francisco

The trash basket near the coffee-tea-water station was overflowing. What appeared to be a perfectly executed, neatly folded “To Do List” caught my eye.

The word “Errands” –written in the most exquisite Renaissance style –was followed by this list:

  • Drop-off donations – Casa de las Madres
  • Call list of restaurants for Food Runners: need new food/supply for shelter
  • Clean out DM’s closet – deliver all to St. Anthony on Mission Street
  • Church needs men’s socks and underwear-Sunday
  • Little Sisters of the Poor- volunteer on Tuesday afternoon
  • Attend Elder Abuse Workshop/Helen Karr- at Hotel Nikko Saturday 0800
  • Drs. Without Borders = donation= kickstart
  • See Nicholas Kristof article New York Times: girls + slavery
  • Check out Shebooks get on-board
  • Old towels and sheets sheets delivered to SPCA for puppies

Who was this generous, altruistic, person? Were there still saints roaming the planet? I kept that stunningly generous, errands list. I told my friends and showed others- impressed and sobered by the generosity and kindness of this person.



Another world – another day

 Last week, a dear Marin County friend – in the midst of a tough round of chemo, asked me to take her to an appointment. Rather than wait, she asked if would I get a super-duper car wash at her Mill Valley spot? Of course.

I found myself settling into a small room for the 30-minute wait; I glanced at what they  now call The San Francisco Chronicle – both pages – I jest, not much.

My eye was drawn, once again, to an overflowing trashcan. Newspapers were stuffed in, papers balled up, a few envelopes torn in half, however, one pink, floral sheet of paper caught my eye.

Nonchalantly, I leaned over to pretend to tie my shoes (darn, I was wearing clogs) and skillfully lifted the piece of paper out of the canister. Who can resist a “To do list” with hearts and flowers doodled in hot pink ink?  Really, I’m not one to scan and scoop. However, a quick look and you just knew a Tiffany or Crystalle had tendered the list…

The list read – verbatim:

  • Get champain (Get French only)
  • Pick up Obaggi, Latisse, and cream at spa:   charge!
  • Cancel personal trainer-icky!!!
  • Get massage-ask Nikki
  • People Magazine-Brad and Angie-oh nooooo
  • Get wax-not in Sausalito ever again
  •  Take wriding lessons?
  • Need closets organized-color coded
  • Rent storage space (ask Vikki) for shoes and hand bags
  • New glasses for “smart look” look- Mill Valley Googles
  • Tanning salon: bikini?
  • Google- may Angelu
  • Get car wash / vackuum

 The rest of the page was filled with doodles… flowers, hearts, and scribbles. You can’t make this stuff up.

When I told my book club about ‘The tale of two car washes’ aka my rendition of ‘dumpster diving,’ they laughed.  And then, they paused and said they all knew which person they wanted to friends with…not the one with “champain and googles.”


All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.

T. E. Lawrence

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3 Responses to Marin County vs San Francisco: a tale of two car washes

  1. The lists really tell a story about each person. Great post!

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