Dating: Too tired to give a whoop?


The Date Watchers lamented: at university,  they had tutors for Chemistry, Science and Latin – but none for relationships-dating-wooing-and wowing.

Next: At one point in time, they all ended up married.  And now, they were not.

Timing  In the “olden days” (married with kids)  they didn’t have time to juggle kids, career, jog, cook, clean, meditate  and do groceries. Ironically, they were dog tired and too to even walk the dog. The Mommy Marathon finally ended.

Flash forward, several years, and the girls were Suddenly Single or Dating or Thinking about Dating.

Helene, the elegant, Eileen Fisher model, loved to dance – to be in the arms of a man for an hour at a club, and then go home to the simplicity of her cat. C’est fini.

Marlene, perpetually 39, loved the dating swirl on MatcheHarmony-Seniors Single. She tried each of the dating sites and met some interesting men…no keepers – just hiking buddies and coffee dates. She was happy with the status quo.

Bitsy tried the nefarious Sonoma Matchmaker and for “$3000.00  for three months” was “placed” with  three ( 3, tres, iii) men who she had nothing in common. She has made it her mission to warn other Singles.

The women didn’t waste time talking about polynomial with scale variance laws or Ludlum novels vs Shakespeare’s plays – but, they could talk. And they do…continually.

Stay tuned for: Trouble In Dating Paradise









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