Date Watchers Looking for Love?

Catal11-1170x780The Date Watchers were watching Chuck M

In 2014, you could see Chuck M on, OKCupid, and Craigslist. He was a player. This guy was actively playing the field – many fields, actually. Good for him – online dating is really a very big Numbers Game.

Two of the Single-Again girls in “Date Watchers” decided to follow his lead.  He was a  peripatetic poster on Craigslist – he would write a clever “Man looking for Women 50/60” ad about every two weeks.

The guy really intrigued Allison and Linda. Two months earlier, Linda noticed him on Match. She sent him a flirty note and he didn’t respond

Now, some women would say, “That’s rude!” And move on. However, Linda didn’t flinch – she is open minded and open to new experiences

Randomly, a couple of weeks later, she saw his picture on OKCupid– and a quick look at Craigslist- there he was again. Voila!

FACT: Craigslist is much more anonymous than any other site- so Linda responded to his witty Craig’s ad with a provocative response.


She flattered him by saying he must be absolutely deluged with responses to his post.   She added that she thought he was ‘quite smart’ and commented that she thought the dating scene was ‘fun and intoxicating and sometimes fleeting- like the bubbles and a glass of champagne.’

He responded – quickly – and said, “When it comes to the dating scene, I look for lively fun, entertaining and intoxicating, too.” He went on to say, “I detect an air of sophistication, mystery and charm in you from a more classic era.   And, may I add, a sense of provocativeness not commonly found in these contemporary times. I say you are arousing my curiosity.”

Okay, so the guy could write.

The Date Watchers went back to to peek at his profile. By all indications, he had been on Match for many years. He was very discreet and mysterious with regard to career and any aspects of his life.

And, then they grew bored.

Then, in a pique of boredom, the girls ‘Googled’ Chuck and found that he’d written a best-selling book, had moved to Napa, was now married and working on a second book.

After some very heavy lifting and research they hit pay dirt. And what was he writing about?   Chuck – with a nom de plume- (Boom Boom Labagh?) writes Erotica.

The girls might invite him to be their guest-speaker at their October meeting at Sausalito’s Restaurant Poggio. Stay tuned.






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