Seniors: Dating at 80- beware the “matchmakers”

Stop! Don’t use the Sonoma Matchmaker! $3000 for five deadend dates…

Suddenly Single in Marin


By mistake, Betty Lou had hired a very expensive (all talk no action) “Match maker” in Sonoma.

They promised her the world. For a mere $6000 they would find her Prince Charming; the man of  her dreams. They claimed they had a large category of men her age group. All she had to do was sit back and wait.

And wait. And wait.

Well, those highfalutin promises were not exactly true.

In as many months, she had four dates. $6000? Four dates. You do the math.


Betty Lou is a very proactive person and was quite disappointed by the lack of activity from the  so called Matchmaker. With the assistance of her daughter, the attorney (who was aghast at the astronomical price from the small town little faux matchmaker) she ceased  and desisted all relationships with the company in Sonoma.

She made a point to everybody she knew not to try this company. 

A warning sign for the public


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