Ms Perpetually 39 meets her man at Social Security

green2_hills_nSherry and Chuck met at the Social Security office.

It wasn’t supposed to happen that way.

As they both stood in a very long line, he said, ”You look much too young to be here.”

(Cue the angelic choir choir singing “Hallelujah!” trumpets, balloon release, and confetti drop)

She blinked and smiled at the handsome guy in the brown suede jacket, good jeans and royal blue striped shirt.

Like most suddenly single women, Sherry had developed a very astute “Single Man” radar. She could spot the glint of a wedding ring a block away. Score! No ring.

She was divorced, single again and libido liberated with a side order of “Let’s date again like we did 20 years ago” philosophy.

She liked turning 50; it was sexy in a Cosmopolitan magazine kind of way. Many of her friends, neighbors and family were much older than she -was she was considered the “babe.”

Then at 55 –someone said she was ”Double nickels.” She like that and promoted it as cute and sexy.

Later, “As the sands in the hourglass and the days for her life” continued she vowed never to be 60. She labeled herself “39” and that was it.

Here she was, really 62 in the Social Security line with the best looking, friendliest man she had seen in awhile was giving her a compliment.

She put on her best flirt and agreed to meet him for coffee after their respective appointments.

That was two years ago. They are “A couple- dedicated to one another.”

A true gentleman, he never asked her age.

They are another classic “Happily ever after couple.”

Yes Binkie. It happens.

Now go out there and smile at someone.


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