Sexy seniors – bed hopping bunnies?

Hot Seniors Excel at Bed Hopping Olympics

Suddenly Single in Marin

 photo_1396_20060405Like Bunnies: Bed-hopping at the Senior Residence Center

At first, it was ‘The Secret Scandal’ at the very upscale retirement community in San Francisco. It seemed there were two or three widows – who missed male companionship- and flirted frequently and aggressively with many of the married men.

Well, the brazen hussy’s passes and pick-ups incensed the wives of these easy octogenarians. There were ensuing meetings, with tears and new rules about waltzing round in filmy peignoirs. Unannounced nocturnal visits were severely frowned upon. And, so it goes.

 New Hot Spot or Seniors

There’s a particularly, hot, new senior community for Elders (the term: Old Age Home went out with tie-dye and patchouli oil.) Some say it already has a flamboyant reputation and the waitlist to get in is as long as the line at The Buckeye Bar on a Friday night.

Looking at Flirting at 80: Is it bold…

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