He had me on “Hello”

Trixie (55, researcher, Aires, hiker/biker) had been single for awhile. She’s one of the lucky ones. She’s met and dated a lot of  of interesting men. She made some good friends and has good stories (as opposed to nightmares)  about her Suddenly Single position in life. And then she met Sam. 

She writes:

He had a chocolate velvet voice. In addition, he was funny.. very, very funny. If that were not enough, he was smart, sweet and attentive. He had me on “Hello.”

Any 50+  Suddenly Single woman,  worth her weight in sea salt caramel – who has been around the block – several times – and might have developed a thick skin and a semi -cynical outlook… She might think,“This is too good to be true! This guy is fabulous. Is there a catch?”

Trixie says she erased all fear from her heart and stepped out of the caftan of cynicism and decided: C’est la vie let the good times roll!

Sam and Trixie met for lunch at 12n that Sunday. They left the restaurant at four o’clock – totally enamored with one another. 

The only other fact that she would share was that he was a “Good kisser.”


And so it begins.

It all starts with”Hello”




Opening Line

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