Don’t be a doormat – Cheaters need not apply


playing cards

Q. What do you get when you cross a polyglot with a polyamorous?

A. Someone who can cheat in six languages. playing cards

“Date Watchers of San Francisco” is an animated and opinionated women’s group who meet to weigh in on topics issues, mores, and trends.

The topic du jour was “Monogamy and Polyamory.”

All agreed, the song, Love the One You’re With should have been playing in the background.  As a rule, the self-proclaimed “Ladies who launch,” prefer to date, cohabit with, marry, and hang out with men, one man at a time.

Don’t Tread on Me – mon petite doormat.   Marlene, the group leader, told the parable of her friend who crashed and burned in a dating debacle. Her friend, Gayle, met the man of her dreams. They were in love, inseparable, intoxicated with one another and head over heels for five months.

All was sublime until Mr. Right decided he wanted to ‘date around’ while still dating Gayle.  He then wanted to know if she would be willing ‘to share him’ with a few other of his soon-to-be-intimate-girl-friends. Devastated and direct, a resounding, “No!” was her quick and very succinct answer.

Mr. Right was perplexed, self-absorbed and gone.

Although she was saddened by the experience …and the loss…she learned a lesson and shared her feelings. A lot. She told a lot of women about Lothario from Larkspur.

She felt a lot better after ‘sharing’


One Door Closes…and women will talk.

 The Story Behind a Door

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