Kissed a few frogs?

frog-947770__180How Many Toads…


How many toads does a Princess have to kiss before Prince Charming appears and is disarming?

They line up. Warts and all. In a long queue from streams, Walnut Creeks, Riversides,
Lake Tahoe, and Brooklyn.
A veritable parade of amphibians: toads, frogs and tadpoles of ever size, shape and color swim in from the swinging singles pool.

The due diligence falls in the lap of the self-appointed princess. It is her calling and her duty to determine which frog will get “The Kiss.”

Little girls are raised on famous fairy tales dictating that a princess must kiss a few frogs prior to finding her prince.

Is he Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now?

How many little girls are raised and confused by the saccharine sweetness of these twisted fairy tales? Dutifully, they accept the challenge and the promise, albeit, with a stiff upper lip.

They are opti-mystical as they approach the Love Lagoon of Life- carefully noting each toad and frog – hopping and hoping her way.

How many toads, todds, tommys and teds, indeed?
Can we re-write the Fractured Fairy Tale of promise and promiscuity?

Of course! There are no rules. The one pre-requisite? 

Dip your toe into and have fun in the dating pool.  


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