Summertime and the flirting is easy?

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Books, poems tomes, best sellers….

Fact: You can’t swing a cat without hitting a Best Way to Flirt List

Listen up boys, the women have spoken (in notes, emails, texts, rants)

Here the the Top 9 List 0f  What Not To Do While Flirting


  1. Don’t stare – holding ‘the gaze’ makes you look- creepy
  2. Don’t play it too cool – ignoring her doesn’t work
  3. Too Aloof? It bombs every time. Aloof = arrogant
  4. Eye contact. Do not stare at her breasts
  5. Gargle, rinse, brush. Beware bad breath, Binkie
  6. Know when it’s “No. No way,” and move on and away, please
  7. Ego No Go – Ixnay on the Bragging – be modest – be popular
  8. Sober thoughts – sober speech /sloppy drunk = buzz kill every time
  9. Don’t ever flirt with bartenders, waitresses, or other women –Cool and courteous Rules


Don’t have regrets – take a chance!

What’s the worse that can happen? Rejection is better than regret.


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