I had to laugh! Online dating pictures gone wild

You ought to be in pictures? Really?

Suddenly Single in Marin


Every online dating site you will log on to will advise you to post up-to-date, flattering photos.

EHarmony suggests four or more photographs, landscape, 3×4 portraits.  Smiling pic of you are most successful. Wacky photos (wearing a lampshade, guzzling a bottle of wine) are no-no’s. Absolutely: No photos of you taken with a cellphone in the mirror. No Hiding Behind Hats and Sunglasses photos, Binkie.

Fake photos -photo -shopped/ touched up photos – or 10 year old snaps of you as a cute kid -warrant a  100% failure rate. 


The Naked Truth?

The most provocative, hysterical, risqué,  photo that slipped through the Pix Police at Match.com was a photo of 12 naked men – various poses-  on a ledge above a river. Yes, the photo was taken from afar. How many women saw that photo before it was erased?

What do you say to a Naked Men’s Group? Hello, Sailor!

Skip the fake photos…select at least four  current photos and tell…

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