The Matchmaker Rip Off? Dating 101


The Big Matchmaker Rip Off? A rose by any other name…

CA Singles has lots of names: Sonoma Singles, Walnut Creek Singles, and Sacramento Singles…Ironically, they call themselves “A Matchmaking Service.“

Evidently, Service is one thing you wont find. And Matches? Not going to happen. They will take your money. And promise you dates galore. They have “sales offices” all over the state.


Mike W. (67, runner, widow, photographer, chef) reports Janelle in Santa Rosa interviewed him. In a 90-minute interview, she sold him the Dating Deluxe 18-month, $6000 program.

He was told they had approximately 800 people who were potential matches for him when he signed up. Wowser! Mike W was elated. A successful businessman and widow of two years, he was ready to pony up this extravagant amount of money for such high returns.

His Matchmaker confided, they didn’t use a computer (those new fangled contraptions.) Everything was done by hand. She had thank you notes “artfully”  strewn on her desk from “happy daters.”  Curious and excited, he asked now many ‘Exact Matches’ could there be for a man his age and stature. She said a few dozen. No one or two…a few dozen! That’s over 24 – could be 36! He was very excited for this new adventure.


Reality 101

Truth be told, Mike W said once you are a client, it is hard to get them on the phone. The line is usually busy or the person you are required to speak is ‘not in’ or ‘not available.’ He complained it usually took half dozen calls to get through to his “matchmaker.”

To make matters worse, he could not email or text them.

From Dreamy to Nightmare

Initially optimistic, Mike W complains he had six dead end dates in six months. You do the math. One woman was 10+ years older than he, another said, “Most men don’t like me.” One did not stop talking the entire meeting. The other three dates were worse.

As fate would have it, he met a woman at Trader Joe’s – struck up a conversation – she too had once signed up with the so-called Matchmaker – she had four dates in six months. All dead-ends, too. She called it a crazy circus ride.

sad man

See:  Consumer Affairs 

Sonoma Singles Yelp

Sacto Singles Yelp


The Consensus: Take it from Dawn in Palo Alto : Please do not do business with CA Singles. They are a total scam. They say they perform complete background checks and verify marital status, however, they set me up with a man who was still married. He had not even filed for divorce. They said they had a surplus of men and needed more women. This is not true.  I had only three dates in six months. Avoid at all costs. Read the reviews.   I could say that they are like used-car sales men but that would be insult to used-car sales men.



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2 Responses to The Matchmaker Rip Off? Dating 101

  1. f says:

    everything said here in this article is an absolute truth. thanks very much however is there anyway to sue this company as I can see on yelp review a lot of complaints all very similar and familiar.

  2. Pl says:

    Reblogged this on Suddenly Single in Marin and commented:

    Scam Alert: Beware the So Called Matchmakers

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