Slow down on the speed dating?

 Speed Dating has been called a lot of things, its never been called dull.

The concept of Speed Dating is approximately 25 men and women spending five – seven minutes  chatting with a total stranger, asking discreetly ‘open’ questions or just chatting and going for the “vibe,” as George C  told me on Saturday night.

George C, a true-blue, veteran of Speed Dating,  says he meets more “appealing women” playing  “Grown-Up Musical Chairs” than anywhere else.

Laconic and easy-going, George C  whispered his success secret in my ear. He claims his modus operandi brings winning results. So, once a month, he plays musical chairs. I asked him if seven minutes was  long enough time to tell if the person sitting across from him was emotional or intellectual equal? He threw his head back and laughed loudly. He said he was looking for his “Twin” (he has two PhD’s in engineering something.) He just wanted to meet someone to go to the movies with, to explore museums, try kayaking and go to the SF Giants games.  He laughingly said his goal is to meet a cute, single 50+, Giants season ticket holder.

What was his Secret to Success? He said, sit back, relax and be yourself (…everyone else is already taken.)


Play Ball

Chance Encounter

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