OMG! Sect in the City: church hopping

 After years of Dating Research and Development, she  finally concluded, “Where do you meet the perfect guy in the Bay Area?  In Church, of course!”

  In a “I should had V-8 epiphany  she decided to check out churches for single,  straight, available, age-appropriate, employed/ retired men.

 Candy called it a new spin on “Sex and the city.”

I told her she should call it “Sect in the City.”   Armed with a  newly created,  Top 10 best churches in San Francisco list, research from Google maps,  a superfluous understanding of local history,  we started the search.  We decided to go to churches, temples and synagogues.  Something told us to skip  Foursquare Gospel,  Bible thumper’s, and snake charmers.  We had a feeling  Mormons would’t take too  warmly to two single women, with blue eye shadow,  short skirts, tall boots, on the lookout for men.

Crz_evil Date_one

Several churches had websites promoting “Sacred Singles events (i.e. Bible reading for singles; Divorced/ Single/ Widow Bible-based Hikes;  and Oy Vey! JDate singles meet ups) A Blessing!

 Boldly, we went where two Single Marin Girls had not gone before. We both agreed no praying – we  were, admittedly, preying!

And so it begins…Bible Class…


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5 Responses to OMG! Sect in the City: church hopping

  1. Loved this post. Made me giggle. Out loud of course! I did know there were faith-based dating sites out there but your literal twists on them here was great. Marianne

    • Pl says:

      A real Sunday Hot Spot, located near San Francisco, called “Sweat Your Prayers” is a large gaggle of people who dance- alone- eyes closed- to a melange of tantric, melodic chant-like, “tunes.”
      Who knew?

  2. Laurie says:

    Delightful LOL. Too no such luck out here on the eastcoast. ; )

  3. Roos Ruse says:

    Snorkle, giggle, muffled laugh…

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