Same old song – dating debacles


Letters from Single and 50: Singles just wanna  make beautiful music together.

Karyn writes: “He said he was a musician; that sounded cool. Then, he told me he played the Air Banjo. Buzzkill”

“On her Dating Profile, “Ms Frisco” she said she loved music. Intrigued, I wrote back and asked her what kind of  music she enjoyed. She said she liked KOIT. That’s a radio station!”

“Hayward Hi-Jinks,” a “One-time jester and a clown,” wrote on his profile that  he only listened to musicians whose names started with the letter “R.” Valerie the Viken from Valleho  guessed Rachmaninoff ?   He wrote No, he liked REM, Rascal Flatts, Ramones and Radioactive ChickenHeads.  Next!


Joan of Ark writes, “I”m bored! Tell me five fun places for a date!”

Easy! Try one or all of these hot date tips:

  1. Best slice of pizza date: Nizarios On Geary Boulevard
    2. Best coffee and pie date: Park Chow near Golden Gate Park
    3. Best run, run, as fast as you can: Bay to Breakers on Sunday in May.
    4.Best Blues show: Earl Thomas – Saturday night at Biscuit and Blues
    5. Best trampoline date: House of Air in the Presidio
    6. Best hang out in a new ‘hood: Explore West Portal – have lunch, see movie, shop, walk to the beach.
    7. Best what music do you like date: Amoeba Records on Haight
    8. Best speakeasy date: Bourbon and Branch
    9. Best long walk on the beach: Ocean Beach at Fulton Street
    10.Best donut and coffee date: Dynamo Donutsimages-105

“Without music, life would be an error.”

Friedrich Nietzsche


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