Happy Earth Day: Recycle old boyfriends day

san-francisco-733508_240Earth Day Celebrate: The 3 R’s: Recycle, Refer and

Re- date for Romance

Kathleen   writes,”Her New Year’s Resolution was to date as many men as necessary to find her Boyfriend-For-Life.” She signed up for speed dating and enrolled  at Match.com. She kept a journal of each and every date. After a few months, she met George at a speed-dating event. They are a classic ‘Love at first sight – Happily ever after’ anomaly. It happens.

The story gets better: Kathleen studied her Dating Journal  and started fixing her girl friends up with guys that didn’t she didn’t match or click with. She took Recycling Boyfriends to a whole new level. Think about it.

Re-Dating: Erinne has a fat Little Black Book and calls guys she dated a year or two ago – and randomly asks them out for coffee, a night of dancing at the Sea Horse in Sausalito or Trivia in San Rafael. She says, “You never know if the chemistry has changed or improved.” Go, Erinne!

red-319374__180-2Friends introducing Friends red-319374__180-2

Now there is a ‘hearty’ concept. Who can you recycle? Think of one guy and one girl – who might be a “match.” Introduce them. Play it forward – be a real matchmaker.


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