I had to laugh! Online dating pictures gone wild


Every online dating site you will log on to will advise you to post up-to-date, flattering photos.

EHarmony suggests four or more photographs, landscape, 3×4 portraits.  Smiling pic of you are most successful. Wacky photos (wearing a lampshade, guzzling a bottle of wine) are no-no’s. Absolutely: No photos of you taken with a cellphone in the mirror. No Hiding Behind Hats and Sunglasses photos, Binkie.

Fake photos -photo -shopped/ touched up photos – or 10 year old snaps of you as a cute kid -warrant a  100% failure rate. 


What not to do…

The Naked Truth?

The most provocative, hysterical, risqué,  photo that slipped through the Pix Police at Match.com was a photo of 12 naked men – various poses-  on a ledge above a river. Yes, the photo was taken from afar. How many women saw that photo before it was erased?

What do you say to a Naked Men’s Group? Hello, Sailor!

Skip the fake photos…select at least four  current photos and tell me now how that is working for you.  Have fun out there! page.larkin@gmail.com


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  1. Pl says:

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    You ought to be in pictures? Really?

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