The top 10 places in Marin County to meet women

Saturday News: Hot Spots/Ladies of Marin

Suddenly Single in Marin


Where do you go to meet women in Marin County? Everywhere…

Demographics, darling… It’s all about demographics. 

Take a look: there are more Single Women – per capita- than single men in Marin County.

The Top 10 Places to Meet Women in Marin:

1.Film Festivals – There are more film festivals, per-capita, in Marin than any other county in California.  Just being at a film festival  is a natural way to encounter a kindred spirit. The Mill Valley Film Festival is the best! In addition to great parties, easy access, stellar movies – there are happy people everywhere…Note: 76% of the volunteers are women.

Best technique: Nonchalantly comment on a genre, director, star, long line, paucity of tickets. It all starts with a smile and a question… “Do you know…”  fill in the blank and start a conversation. Lights, camera, action!

2. Trader Joe’s: on Sunday from 5:30 p.m. to…

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