Bumble me, Babe


Bumble is the hot new mobile dating app made by women for women. Yay.

Thanks to Whitney Wolfe, a former co-founder of Tinder, is the very smart creator of the Dating App that gives the ladies the control.

How to Play: Sign up on Facebook. Choose your pix; do the Geography: determine the distance you are willing to tradel – and determine your age group. Ta da!

Girls just want – to be in charge. First, ladies view profiles and “like” by swiping right or who to “dislike” by swiping left. 

If there’s a mutual like, you’ll get a pop! indicating it’s a match (BOOM!) You are linked – mutual attraction.

Next Choose: “Start a Chat” and voila! Or, you can Say, “More Bumble, sir” to see more matches.

Ladies have 24 hours to speak up or Buh-Bye and  The Match disappears.


Tinder was slammed and slimed in the recent Vanity Fair article

And, From Variety:   “Tinder- The Dating/Hook Up app used by primarily heterosexual lonely hearts and other lusty sorts who right-swipe their finger across photos of other users in the immediate geographic area that they find attractive. If the swiped one also right swipes the original right swiper then, voila, a match is made and the birds and bees do what the bees and birds do”

Do you Bumble? Tell me about it.





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  1. Pl says:

    Reblogged this on Suddenly Single in Marin and commented:

    Buzz…Girls will Bumble around…when they are in charge….

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