Are you dating as fast as you can?


Dr Rachel, the still-single-shrink in Marin- grew up in New York and has kept the brusque New Yorker ‘tude. She says most people are attracted to her ‘Style and wit.’

While, she has never been married – she is a family therapist who considers herself quite proficient when it come to relationships. All relationships.

Dating at 50 and 60 

She  will tell you, that on a dare, she signed up for To tell the truth, she both got bored and bombed on JDate. She met guys like the ones she grew up with – didn’t like them then – and still had an aversion to boys from the ‘hood.

She dubbed eHarmony “Eh!” and gave it a month. She met one guy who sent her poems. He lived in Petaluma, wrote bad poems and was going to write a <yawn> book of poetry. She was bored times three. Next!

And so, it was. She says she looked really good 10 years ago and had professional photographs taken at JC Penny’s. To this day, she uses the same photos from way back when. She tells everyone it is “The norm –  Everyone is doing it.”  She also says, once the man of her dreams meets her – he will fall madly in love with her. Pictures Schmictures.

Bob N, 58, Berkeley, PhD,  expressed an interest – they spoke on the phone. He was funny – she was funny. He was  divorced for eight years- she explained she had been “In a committed relationship and dodged a bullet.” If anyone asked, she had created a whopper of a story. A lot of men didn’t ask questions.

Coffee Date – decaffeinated

Bob will tell you he didn’t recognize Rachel when she walked into Peet’s. A quick thinker, he realized the stranger standing before him was ‘his date.’ He chatted, bought her the double mocha latte and a piece of Hummingbird cake she raved about.

She was a fast-talker. She had a lot to say. He thought she might have been nervous. Or embarrassed to have posted such an old photo of herself. She was a little too energetic for Bob and he graciously thanked her for meeting him -he had to go. She got a bit defensive. and hurled a few sarcastic barbs about her appearance.

He smiled, said good bye and left.

She analyzed his insecurities, his shyness, and made a mental list of his foibles. Poor loser. She had five more dates lined up for that week. She was confident that with  quick pace, rapid-fire dating – she would find “The One.”


Pace Oddity

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