I’ve got a secret: like Chance Gardener- I like to watch



One of Marin’s most famous watering holes is in downtown Sausalito.

Some belly up to the bar to watch the two old curmudgeon bartenders verbally swat and snipe – others come to watch sports and/or throw a couple back.

Then, there are the First Daters. Marin Singles flock to this bar for the location, ambiance and – if, on the odd chance, the date is a homerun – it could turn into dinner –a romantic restaurant near by.

How can you tell a First Dater? They are so obvious by the nervous energy, the all-dressed-up and the posing. Posing is another term for “show and tell.” He wears a class ring or an expensive watch, and rolls his cuff back for all to see. She crosses her legs, throws an arm over the back of the bar stool and displays “attributes.” She leans in – he puts his hand on hers…call it a choreography of flirtations.

drinxAfternoon on New Year’s Eve brought in three obvious ‘First Daters.’

Couple Number One were in their 50’s – he in a V-neck Sweater, Oxford cloth shirt, slacks, polished shoes. She was clad in Lulu Lemon 101 – black, sleek, revealing. He was stilted and nervous. Rarely did they laugh. When they bill came he said, “Let’s split it.” From across the room you could tell she was annoyed. She quickly paid her half – and was out the door. Dufus. He had no clue. Next!

Couple Number Two arrived – more relaxed. She was effusive and outgoing – he slowly melted from cold and standoffish to cool. Two drinks to the wind, he relaxed and they got along. Much laughter ensued. They ordered pizza – had George, the fun bartender, take their photo. Later, we heard, they took the ferry to San Francisco. Tres bien.

Four o’clock on New Years Eve – mere hours from champagne and the Big Ball drop – he arrived. He scanned the bar, found two seats at the bar, and arranged the chairs, ordered Pellegrino for two, arranged the cocktail napkins – just so. And he waited. He sat alone for 15 minutes, looking at his watch and his phone every few minutes. An attractive woman walked in, looked all around the room, looked at her watch and scanned again. While she paused, our man looked up –saw her and quickly walked over.

She obviously did not recognize him. He greeted her and she appeared hesitant – staring at him. He took her by the arm and ushered her to the bar. Slowly, she climbed onto the chair. She was looking intently at him. She said something, he laughed. She shook her head and pushed away from the bar – and him. She turned and walked out of the bar. He didn’t move.

A mistaken identity? An embellished dating profile? Hard to say. Whatever he was selling -she wasn’t buying.

Look out – I may be watching. Being Therephoto_2787_20070814

Evasive Action

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