Psst! It’s time…to explore the Marin Singles Scene


Now is the time for all cool Singles to come to the…

Other side of the Bridge.

Leo (Phd, Single, 50, San Francisco resident, self-proclaimed savant)  says all the women in Marin are alike. When asked to expound upon this, he rattles off a laundry list of observations: Marin girls are all blonde, very needy, showy, they collect boy-friends and husbands; the newly divorced are “dating like crazy,” and know ‘older men’ are good for a free drink or two.

Clueless in the City

Leo only knows the Buckeye Roadhouse and Poggio in Sausalito.

Once he took the ferry to the Sausalito Art Festival, didn’t like it. He has never been to Mount Tam, the Mill Valley Film Festival, China Camp, Fairfax or Blackie’s Pasture. He thought the Dipsea was a restaurant. Steep Ravine, Stinson and Muir Beach and Why There are Words are not on his radar. He says he will never Sweat his Prayers and avoided Harbin. He does shop at Design Consignment and Readers in San Rafael. He doesn’t have a clue…

It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.
                  Mark Twain

The imprecision of his complaint -is clear  evidence Mr San Francisco Leo is a myopic single.

Marin girls are San Francisco transplants, ex-New Yorkers, Jersey Girls, international women of the world: lawyers, teachers, bakers: oh, no! There is no acceptable stereotype, Leo.

Perhaps he will open his eyes, explore and rise like a Fenix- (the hot San Rafael Supper Club) – and See more: Explore Marin.  


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TIP:Dust off your Online Dating Profile
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