Panthers, and Broncos and Levis! Oh, no! Girls get no respect

Ladies, Super Bowl 50 is a tough act to compete with…

Take it from me: this is the one event where you may fail as you try to make a pass at your beau. You can whisper promises of a romantic ’Touch-down’ or “Hang time” however, as long as he has  The 3R’s: Recliner, Refrigerator, Remote Control and the Super Bowl, include him out. You are merely interference and an encroachment. Panthers and Bronco ( and Half-time) are the “be all and end all.”

3 R's __180

Girls, let’s say you’ve tried to make a pass, you scramble for his affection. Darn, false start. You’ve given him a flirty two-minute warning, and no response. You’ve probably felt rejected, dejected and down-and-out. You’ve even gone so far as to make a provocative second very forward pass. It’s the same old song…

Va-va-voom or doom? You want to play, and he wants to watch.

clark-gable-399715_222Men and Football – his fantasy – not yours?

The best advice? Sweetie, the fact is you don’t have the home- field advantage. You can easily and quickly learn to enjoy the game or enjoy some hang time with other football widows. Get your backfield in motion, say a Hail Mary and roll out and go shopping for yardage, Feeling creative? Get in the spirit of things and put on a sexy red shirt. That’s code: for pursue your own fantasy and play your own game.

Go see dreamy George Clooney in Hail, Caesar! or Matt Damon in The Martian. Heck,  Super Bowl Sunday might be the perfect day for you to start that WordPress blog or take a Dogpatch/Potrero Hill walking tour with City Guides. You know, Levi Stadium promises parking hell and long drive home.


Live it up and organize other kindred spirits and hire the lofty, yellow and white, San Francisco Seaplane for a magical ride above the City and the Bay. Go for a jog, a hike, grab the kayak, take the dog to the dog park and have fun!

Sweet, so would I,
Yet I should kill thee with much cherishing.
Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow,
That I shall say good night till it be morrow.

Romeo and Juliet


This Is Your Song

Taking liberties….

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