Her dating mantra: The best is yet to come


Dating 101

Jane met Dick online and happily dated for a few months before she saw small, and imperceivable, tiny red flags.

There were flashes of anger, snips, and mean quips and sulking. She rationalized these episodes with the classic denials “Oh, he’s tired” and “Oh, he’s stressed” excuses.

In love with being in love

Flash-forward, Jane realized she was in love with being in love. She wanted to be in love and in a relationship. In a fit of romantic pique, she agreed to move in with him. In less than two months, she knew it was a mistake. A big mistake.

Living together- the daily life under a microscope -is a far cry from the fun and frolic of dating.

With a chorus of friends encouraging her to “Get the heck out,” Jane broke up with Dick and moved home.

One day at Whole Foods, Jane ran into a single man. Literally, her cart accidentally rammed his. She was a tsunami of apologies. He was entertained and mesmerized by her ardent efforts. In a dither, she gave him her card and a week later he called.

They spoke on the phone for an hour before he asked her out. They met on Clement Street and had coffee; they agreed to go for a walk to the Palace of Legion of Honor. They had a long lunch at Burma Superstar and they have been inseparable ever since. That was three years ago.

Jane tells all her single girl friends not give up.

Her mantra has always been “The best is yet to come.”

Take a page from her book.


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