EHarmony- out of tune? Resolve in the New Year


Betty hired me to escort her through the hallowed halls of  Eharmony.

She tried OKCupid and decided- you get what you pay for-in her case, it was zip.

People in the know, batten down the hatches and reach for smart cocktail before they submit to the infamous 337 questions and multiple essay  questions. We spent 90 minutes wading through the EH minefield of seemingly inane, yet loaded, questions.

(See Examiner:Eharmony slows as a  glacier)

I gave Betty the Top 10 Questions in advance and she could copy and paste her answers into the application.

  • We took four attractive photos to post.
  • She paid $40 for a month/ fee.
  • We crossed all the T’s dotted all of the “i”s and we were off to the races.
  • We pushed the “Send” button and sat back to wait for a trickle or a landslide of responses.


Betty said she felt like a superhero she was resolved in the New Year to meet someone: a sweetheart, a Movie date, or a kindred soul  to “hang out with.”

She said in 2016 she vowed to be proactive and change her modus operandi and reach out and touch someone every day. She resolved to respond to all inquiries – no matter how silly –  in 2016.


 Are you ready to Dive in to the Online Dating Pool? Contact me

and we can set up an appointment and make 2016 the best year yet!

The Best is Yet to Come



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