Dating 101: Is Sexy Susie from Sausalito or Nigeria?


Online Dating – Beware Sharks

Is Sexy Susie from Sausalito or Nigeria?

You can find Sexy Susie (44, 5’5’ single, tennis lover, art collector) on She frequently posts four – very attractive-if not suggestive-photos on the popular dating website.

Abe in Alameda (60, 5’10, divorced, chemist)  saw her photos and thought,  “What the heck, Sausalito isn’t that far away,” and reached out to her. Within hours, Sexy Susie wrote back to Abe. They connected.heart-701111__180

In her next missive, Suzie admitted she really wasn’t from Sausalito but actually lived in South America. Really?

She then launched into how attractive she thought he appeared to be- and how quite possibly they were soul mates. Flattered and blinded by love-he continued writing back to her.

Within days, Sexy Suzie suggested they have a rendezvous- they seemed to have so much in common – she loved his photographs- she knew a lot of Americans – he was her favorite of all. Perhaps they could meet in Honduras? She knew of a romantic resort near San Pedro Sula.


To say that Abe was not buoyed and excited by this online romance would be a lie. He was quite thrilled that such an attractive woman could find him so appealing.

A trip to the Honduras could be fun – he knew nothing about the country and did a quick Google search. Much to his enormous chagrin, he learned that San Pedro Sula is reputed to be one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

Reality Check We talked. We reviewed the huge, red flags signaling danger, which Abe chose not to acknowledge and agreed Suzie (aka scam queen) sounded more Nigerian than anything else. He reported her to as a scammer. They did nothing.

Her profile is still up. “She” has changed her name – to Shelly, Sharon, Sandy – depending on the month.


Nigerian Hustle?

Buyer beware.A warning sign for the public



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