Loose lips sink ships and first dates.

photo_1839_20060807Jeff  met Carly  online and they agreed to meet for lunch. She, the wealthy Marin divorcee-blonde, beautiful and after sharing a bottle of wine at lunch – turns out, was a bit of a tramp.

Pre-wine, Carly was all about dropping names, talking about Cal (the toughest six months of her life) her wonderful children, skiing and golf, her fabulous life, and nothing about her Ex.

Post wine, the façade dropped.  She mentioned her Ex was a Marin playboy who graduated from Branson then attended the University of Arizona. “Frat boy” only began to describe his social life and his five-year career college. He was in line to take over Daddy’s business.

She said, they met at a San Francisco Spinster’s party. She was the perfect eye candy, then arm candy, and eventually, they took the long walk down the aisle at Grace Cathedral.

His parents blessed the union, bought them their first house and sat back and waited for grandchildren.

Carly, Miss Superstar Pilates-Yoga-babe popped out two beautiful babies in three years – and with a small army of nanny’s to the rescue – everybody was happy. Until they weren’t.


Carly discovered her husband’s marital indiscretions and spoke to her four best friends – who all assured her the alimony would be sizable and urged  her to ditch the dude. She went looking for a “Shark Attorney.” All roads led to Kathryn in San Francisco. Her friends said the woman- with-one-name had fangs and no heart. Perfect.


SF Divorce Attorney

He had been fishing and hunting in Montana with his six groomsmen before the wedding and blew off “The pre nup thing” with the attorney. His father was seething.

She sued for divorce and moved to Mill Valley to be near her family. Her BFF’s signed her up on Match.com

On the first date, Carly told Jeff she had been lonely. And confused. She admitted to a string of flings and a few ‘Match.com nooners.’

Jeff thought, “There are Match.com nooners?”


Her flirty patois both intrigued and confounded him. By dessert, she was slurring her words; he couldn’t tell if she said, “Let’s get a room.” Or “Let’s try schrooms.”

All he knew was that she was hot. And fast. Too fast for him.

He picked up the tab. And graciously begged off – made sure her Uber cab arrived to rescue him from a big mistake.


“There is always safety in valor.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

“The gospel alone liberates you to live a life of scandalous generosity, unrestrained sacrifice, uncommon valor, and unbounded courage.”

Tullian Tchividjian



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