Fat Nannies and new Hot Tub Club Sausalito?

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Hey, Page

I’m dating the greatest guy who is very cool on every level, except for his business.  He is making money hand over fist, but most of my friends are offended by the name of his company: Fat Nannies. He hires young women from England and Ireland who are trained and great with kids (usually plump, bad teeth, big hearts.)  Should I tell him what I think?

No Marry Poppins

Hey, No Marry Poppins

Did he ask you what you think? It’s really none of your business. Yes, your friends are entitled to their opinions.  Put business aside and enjoy “The greatest guy.” Bravo to him for filling a need.

Peace and love,

Page Larkin


Help, Page Larkin,

Back in the day, I dated Rainbeau Canyon and hopped in and out of hot tubs all over Marin County. Then I grew up and got a life.  Now, I’m dating a sweet gal (from Wisconsin, 32, single,) who is gaga over new hot tub club in Sausalito whose mantra is “Enjoy life with a smile.” Really? This joint is all about vibes, vapes, and vapid. She has three new friends (Bitsy, Tiphany, and Ambre) who tend to be to get “Super Excited” about a lot of things.

I am way past the hackneyed live – love- laugh- phase. What do you think? Sink or swim?

No Name Bar

Dear No Name Bar,

It sounds like there’s no “harmony” in Mudville. If you were in Marin for peacock feathers and hot tubs – you are decades older than Ms. Wisconsin. Vapid might be exactly what she’s looking for- and that’s not you.

My mantra? Date your own decade, dude. Skip the wanna be trendy new club. This is your life – carpe diem.

Peace, love, groovy,



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