Which four little words strike terror in the hearts of men?

The Four Words Men Hate

Which four little words strike terror in the hearts of men?

A recent poll, asked of men at four San Francisco restaurants: La Folie, Coi, Absinthe Brasserie, and Zuni reveals even the most virile, robust, man can be instantly reduced to a quaking, quivering puddle of ‘Uh-oh’ when he hears the infamous, “We need to talk.”

It’s Pavlovian

Men candidly say when they hear those four little words, “We need to talk, ”they instantly break out a cold sweat. Rob in Burlingame said, “Everyman knows those four words are code for, “You are in big trouble, buddy”


There are no visions of sugarplums dancing in guy’s heads. It’s more like visions of: The Breaking-up Talk, “Weapons of Mass Discussion” and the inevitable, “The Top 10 Things You Did Wrong, Dude”

Guys say hearing “The Four Words” is far more intimidating than hearing these four words:

  • We are going shopping.
  • Pull the vehicle over.
  • Your grades came today
  • Your boss is calling.
  • Test results are here.
  • The kids found your_____

Even a towering Tony Soprano-type can be reduced to a blithering George Costanza upon hearing you say, “We need to talk.”


So, ladies, use The Four Words with caution and discretion. All the great lovers in history had issues and peace talks. Think of Bonnie and Clyde, Ozzie and Harriet, Bill and Hillary, Homer and Marge. Be judicious. Use your words carefully.


“He has not learned the lesson of life who does not every day surmount a fear.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


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