Party of One ~ with reservations


 Why Try-atheletes…

Dating 101: Here you are, Suddenly Single and all of a sudden, verbs are really important in your life, and you need to define the verbs that define you.

MEN online talk about running, jumping, flying, biking, bouncing, swimming, trotting, racing, pushing, pressing, and lifting, rowing, throwing, spelunking, threading, gasping…

Me? I’m looking for: walking, talking, reading, laughing, listening, smiling, hugs  and showing  for an interest for marathons in hand-holding, beach walking, picnic pursuits…

My idea of a triathlon would be to try a new Cabernet, and hiking to a new picnic site, a leisurely bike ride and getting along swimmingly.

I’m not for triathlons. I’m more for try…anything. Once.decoration-21871__180

How people treat you is their karma;

how you react is yours.

Wayne Dyer


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