No Parking In San Francisco: meter maids gone wild

San Francisco: Parking Nightmare on All Streets?

Suddenly Single in Marin


Dear Page Larkin:

I’m one of those ‘Bridge and Tunnelers’ you write about.

But San Francisco doesn’t open up her Golden Gates for me. Oh, yeah, we all come over the Bridge to the bright lights and zero parking.

Last week, I got two parking tickets in San Francisco.

The funny thing, one was imaginary. Get this: I pulled over to the side, engine running, looking for address of a first date with a connection.  A meter maid came along and advised me to move on. I moved instantly. Three weeks later, I  received a $55.00 parking ticket in the mail for that day and time.

I know San Francisco has really big bills, who doesn’t?  Word on the street is that San Francisco makes $90 million a year on parking tickets.

drinxThat night, I had a hot date for dinner in the Marina District.
Like you write…

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