Bouquets and parfaits all on the same day? Oui!


She calls herself the luckiest girl in Larkspur.

After a jaunt through JDate, a mess on, a world of psychic harm on EHarmony she finally left the dating pool and threw in the towel.

On a whim, she volunteered at the local food bank and met a group of interesting people. Evidently, the five friends show up every second Sunday and organize dozens of bags of groceries for the less fortunate. They were lively and fun and worked fast.

One guy, the ringleader, was cute and helped her with sorting cereals, ramen, and oranges. Not only was he charming – he was polite, smart and very funny. She found herself laughing the whole morning.


They invited her to join them at Emperor Rulli for coffee. Like all single women, she nonchalantly checked fingers for rings, and tried to tell if the friends were dating or platonic. She had her eye on “GW.”

As fate would have it, she sat next to GW at the restaurant – he bought her a parfait. She was impressed, tickled and tried to be blasé.

The other four peeled off, one by one, and they remained at the table for another hour and a half – talking and laughing.

She had to leave – he asked her for her phone number and she gave him her card.

She floated to her car…drove to her sister’s house and spent an hour raving about the wonderful (cute clever, sweet,) single guy she has just met.

He had her on “Hello.”

He called that night. They talked for an hour. Her mind was racing when she hung up the phone.

The next afternoon, a stunning bouquet was delivered to her home.

The card said, “I send you love, wrapped in sunshine, tied with a rainbow.”

And that was the beginning of a Real Love Story.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Secret Admirers.”

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2 Responses to Bouquets and parfaits all on the same day? Oui!

  1. lifelessons says:

    Aw. Hope this is a true story. We need all the real romance we can get in this world!

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