Dating in San Francisco: Top 10 Tips to get a 2nd date


Eve is probably the only woman in history who didn’t worry about the competition.

San Francisco

Are you bewitched, bothered and bewildered – wondering if the first date went well and if he will ask you out again? Do an instant replay. While a scorecard isn’t necessary, there are some very definite clues.

Here they are: The Top 10 Reasons He Will Ask You Out Again

  1. You look exactly like your current, up to date, photographs and he says, “Your pictures don’t do you justice.” (Huge points.)
  2. You offered to pay half – showing you are obviously thoughtful and evolved.
  3. You both laughed – a bit – and share a similar sense of humor. Obvious comfort level established.
  4. You both had one drink. Evidence: both on very good behavior. Major points.
  5. You both passed the Chemistry test with blinking, winking, flashing, flying colors.
  6. You each complimented the other person during the course of the first date.
  7. You enjoyed his company and there was a palpable sense of chemistry.
  8. You have a lot in common and like similar things: the San Francisco Giants, comedies, bike rides, Moscow Mules, chocolate, Philz Coffee, and Sundays at Golden Gate Park.
  9. You each have an amusing Internet dating story and refrained from ugly ex-bashing or negative anecdotes.
  10. Ta Da! The foregone conclusion: you both had fun, were relaxed, and said you are looking forward to the next date.i-like-youicon-great
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