Younger men, older women: You got a problem with that?

Janis_Joplin_ Palace__

Dear Page,

Younger men? Yes, please! I am over fifty-something and bored with men my age (especially old guys chasing 20 to 30-year-olds.)

I attract younger guys. And I hang out in some very rad places, seeking out an environment that is pretty chill and love drinking out of Mason jars. That’s just me!

Last week, my new crush, Brandon, and I had artisanal Buffalo burgers ($10 for a burger and fries and $10 for a yummy milkshakes) and a super divey in place in the “Loin.   When the bill came, my very chill date, kissed me on the neck and said “ Babe, be a sweetheart and grab the check. I’m going to the loo.”

I thought, I need to have a convo with this dude. We took Uber over to his place and he said, “ Baby, I changed my mind.I need some space today. Love you,” and he left me with the bill, empty-handed and seething. What say you?

Is that all there is? ( No, he was not sporting a “Boy Bun”)

Trendy Trixie


Dear Trendy Trixie,

You must have, Peggy Lee’s song “Is that all there is?” running through your brain.    Your mother would probably tell you to “Pick on somebody your own age.” I am not going there. It sounds like you’re having a lot of fun and you just hit a bump on the road. You appear to know what you want and are enjoying yourself. Don’t Let the bad ones get you down…. Man Buns or Not.

Peace, Page


Miss Page,

I’m 61, (Look 50 and they say I act like I’m 40.) I workout, take care of myself. I am a size 4 and I hike, paddle board, and kayak. I’m Boy Magnet. Men half my age are attracted to me. (No complaints, except there’s no there there.)

But, my real problem is my mother.  My mother (78, read reads your column and quotes you all the time – there is a small enclave of women in the Marina district who think you are a riot- and spot on.)

My mother has more dates than I do. Plenty of guys her age pursue her, but she’s into younger guys. We don’t want mom to break her hip or her heart. What shall I tell her to do?


Miss Daughter

Take a 3 x 3 Post-it note and write your new mantra: M.Y.O.B in big, bold letters. Stick it on your mirror and know that MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS is your new thought process with regard to your mother. Get out of the way and let her have fun.

Peace, love and groovy, Page

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