Hot Tubs, Swingers…Marin…trees…branching out

Auntie Mame

FACT: Everyone should have a mentor to get them through the maze of online dating. It’s a jungle out there and you wouldn’t believe who is swinging through the branches.

My good luck, or maybe it was fate, got me aligned with a real authentic “Auntie Mame”.

At first glance, she appeared to be all about St. John Knits, pearls, dazzling diamonds on her fingers and sensible shoes.  In reality, I think she knew the difference between pole dancing and swing dancing. She confided she had lived in Marin in the 1970s; infamous for soirees in hot tubs, swinging singles, and peacock feathers.

Auntie Mame commented that, at one time, she was the original Blind Date Queen.  In the 70’s and 80’s she says she met dozens of men using the personal columns in local newspapers and especially the New York Review of Books . Evidently, she recently, effortlessly, graduated to the Internet and was still dating. A lot.

Now she was the ring-a-ding-ding belle of the ball of the 70-year-old set. You could tell, Mame was really in-the-know and had a flurry of opinions. When I posed the rhetorical question: “If women of an age date a younger man – they are harshly labeled a ‘cougar’. What do you call a man who dates younger women?” Without missing a beat, she said, “Lucky”.

Auntie Mame has been married four times.  The first, she said – didn’t count- she was too young (30). Her last marriage? She ended up a merry widower. Lucky for her, Number 4  had been very successful.

They traveled six months of the year and had homes in Maui, Stinson Beach  and Manhattan.  She had stories – great stories. She was a blend of Dorothy Parker, Mae West   Dear Abbey – and was brimming with advice.

Tomorrow:Top Five Dating Tips from Auntie Mame

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