Google the girl? Really? By all means…


Top 3 best ideas to do before date:

Okay, so you met a real “looker” on She liked your profile, you liked her profile. Your interest is piqued. However, her profile is very short and sweet. Perhaps, too succinct. You politely suggest a telephone call would be in order. She agrees, asks for your number and calls you. In the course of the conversation, she mentions her last name and the city she grew up in. You do the same. You are intrigued and notice that she’s rather reticent about offering too much information. This is either very mysterious and attractive or bizarre. toys-376056__180

You’ve met “Bizarre” and never want to go there again.

In this age of social media, if you don’t take advantage of some simple, superfluous research, it is your own fault.

  1. Google the girl
  2. Check out LinkedIn and Facebook.
  3. See their Pinterest Account

 4bb1d7188f9c41efa4b0f586a90fe50b Letters to Page Larkin

 Dear Page,

You said to ‘Google the girl’ before a date and look at her Pinterest, LinkedIn accounts. I did Google her and all that came up was an obituary for her dad (included) there’s no information. Pinterest was just a bunch of pictures. Your advice stinks.    Phools Gold

Dear Phools Gold,

Eureka! You hit pay dirt. Remember lesson #1: Always read between the lines. 

The obituary notice spoke volumes: she comes from a very large family, based in The Valley, her father was once in the lumber business – later, in vineyards; all siblings (four) went to Davis to study Viticulture & Enology. Her parents were married for 60 years. One paragraph tells you a ton about her background, family life, education and interests. Pay attention.

Take the time to look at these huge clues.   Pinterest – might look like a “bunch of pictures,” however, it is also clear indicator of people’s hobbies, interests, travel, and passions (art, literature, music, architecture and fashion.)   LinkedIn is a snapshot of a career, colleagues, accomplishments and interests.   So, Mr. Phools Gold, slow down, and smell the roses and read between the lines.

You may be new at this game; learn the rules, and take advantage of information that’s at your fingertips. It will save you a lot of time and energy. Let me know how that- golden information- works for you. Peace, Page

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