Dating deal breakers: Getting to “no” you


Four Deal breakers – Let’s call the whole thing off

 Nancy (52) fell in love with Larry online. He was charming and witty and urbane. She stopped dating Larry (60, retired stockbroker, bicyclist) after three dates because, in person, he swore like a #@!? sailor.

Not Puppy Love? 

It turns out, Chellie drives with her dog, Snowflake, in her lap. And, evidently, the dog sleeps with her, too. Ron gave it four dates before he “quit” her. “And the little dog, too” was simply too bitchen for him.

Something better will come along?

Both freshly divorced, Tia (49, painter, waitress) and Calvin (53, writer and waiter) dated for four months – exclusively, madly, passionately – until Calvin decided he was merely ‘enamored’ and she was in totally in love. He explained he wanted to “Date around and explore his options before committing to anyone.” The guy, a.k.a. Peter Pan, is 53. Grow up, darling.

 Never never land

Trish and Bob (both late 40s) met online and exchanged e-mails for two weeks before their first date. Their imaginations were soaring high. Romantic Expectations and dreams, were stratospheric. This is dangerous territory. Note to Suddenly Singles: never allow two weeks to transpire before meeting in person.

On their initial date, Trisha was over-the-moon with high hopes. He mentioned his favorite car was a Jaguar X KE, which she expected him to arrive in. She envisioned him to be wearing expensive and eclectic clothes from Wilkes Bashford.   He expected her to be younger, slimmer, more flirtatious and sexually available. They agreed to meet at Starbucks- and they barely recognized one another. It was a mumbling, bumbling, first and last date – clouded by expectations and fantasy. Kids, do not try this at home.


Mistakes are the portals of discovery.

James Joyce

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