Computer Dating Santa Clara U – 1977- first computer dating

Suddenly Single in Marin

Engineering Students  Invent Computer Dating: Santa Clara University  1977

Michael and Richard were classic Computer Science majors. They spent an inordinate amount of time in the computer lab in 1977.

The terms ‘geek’ and ‘nerd’ had not yet been created, they were called ‘brainiacs’ or ‘square’ by other guys in the dorm.

Michael was on scholarship and was always devising moneymaking schemes. ‘Kegger Bingo’ was a hit until a RA busted the party. Cupid must have played a part when the two guys decided to throw a dance with computer-matched dates. They conjured up a few algorithms and a dozen questions and, voila, they could promote a ‘matchmaking-dance.’ Cleverly, they made the boy’s cards blue and the girl’s cards pink.

Each person would pay five dollars, fill out a rudimentary questionnaire and bingo, the computer would match up couples for the dance. At first, the two-glad scientists…

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