Danger Dating: Texting – Road to perdition?

bad photos12Is Texting a pit stop on the Road to perdition?

 The trouble with texting…

 On their first date, Chandra (25) fell fast and hard for Tim (27)–he was fun, flirty and full of ideas for cool dates: hikes, concerts, and day trips. Their original coffee date lasted three hours and went from lattes in Laurel Village to a walk around Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park. 

They agreed to make plans. That night, he sent her a text, which morphed, into a heavily flirtatious stream. An hour flew by; he signed off with the risqué version of ‘sleep well.’  Three nights later, he texted her with an amusing opening line. She bit. She rolled right into “coquettish” and he double entendre his way around cheeky and lusty, in no time.

After the short rhetorical romp- laced with innuendo, Chandra pulled up the drawbridge and thought her come-on might have been too suggestive. Why do women go straight to “Was it something I said?”  The Reality Check: no, actually, Tim came on like gangbusters.

And so it goes, he never called again.

He texted a few times and failed to respond to her invitation, “Call me.” The End of a classic story.

Texting that gets out of hand: It ramps up to: too much, too soon, too fast –  often flops into a dead end.dead-end-777__180 Craigslist: how much more anonymous can you get? Check out “Men seeking Women” (and all variations on the same theme.) Craigslist ads are completely anonymous with no accountability. Frankly, it really is perverse playground for people who hide behind the cloak of anonymity.

Bizarre, wacky, and outlandish posts fill the pages of Craigslist:

  • Need a girlfriend and you need a boyfriend. I’m attached, with plenty of free time.
  • Semi-perfect sensualist wants to play Adam & Eve with a thorny thinker.
  • (See: Kooky Kinky Craigslist : here )
  • There are the men offering nooners to bored housewives; kooky guys claim to be looking for a “granddaughter” they can spoil. What?
  • Ribald gals claiming that the lusty month of May applies to June and July and they are looking for a guy who appreciates a “big Mama,” weigh in.

There is a whole lotta bizarre, wackety-wack oddball stuff.

Who writes this stuff? Chuck is a 15-year-old sophomore in high school and he giggles as he creates Craigslist ads after school. His métier is “Men looking for Women 20 to 30.” He places two want-to-be -lascivious ads every day. He blushes when anyone responds to his Walter Mitty off-the-wall ads.  If only his mother knew.

Texting can be light and fun – and can morph into a debacle. Since when is talking on the phone considered cumbersome and “Old School?”    

A so-called relationship based on mere texting – and little or no actual conversation is a classic:  Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

Binkie, are you thinking of Sexting? See here

Be careful out there.


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