Lulu the App: Sweet revenge or ugly behavior?

sad-man The new online dating app Character assassination or just pithy reports?

Susana was angry. Very angry. She sat at the Buckeye Roadhouse for an hour waiting for “Mr. Wright.” They agreed to meet at one o’clock for their first date- after a weeklong exchange of flirtatious e-mails. Susana had a manicure ($30) had a blowout ($50) She bought a new lipstick for the occasion (Estée Lauder Kiss me pink $35) and was wearing her brand-new designer jeans ($200) and she borrowed her friend’s red Kate Spade purse. She arrived exactly on time and scanned the restaurant looking for “Mr. Wright” 5”8, blonde, Athletic and toned, spiritual not religious, exercise three times a week, sales rep. She guessed she was early, and sat at the bar and waited. And waited. Fifteen minutes went by. She assumed parking was difficult… maybe there was traffic. Another five long minutes went- by she started to get mad. In three years, she’d never had to wait this long to meet a Perfect Match. She ordered a shot of Padron tequila and three limes. She checked her phone every two minutes- growing increasingly incensed that she was being stood up. At 12:45 she paid her tab and stormed out.

When she got home, she signed onto (dubbed “The Yelp for Men”      a Rating/dating App)  She was going to rip this guy a new profile. Fueled by the tequila, rejection and a healthy dose of anger, she signed onto Lulu and started writing-while-seething. It gave her great pleasure to push the ‘Send’ button so all the other women in the world would know that Mr. Wright a.k.a. John Smith, 55, from Redwood City was a louse, a liar, a creep and she advised all women to stay away from him, he was trouble.

She signed on to and started looking for a newer better cuter guy. i-like-youicon-greatTwo days later, Susana was at work when she got a text from Mr. Wright asking if they could talk. Aha! He must’ve heard about his reputation slam on Lulu. Just desserts. She refused to dignify his text with a response. Two hours later there was another text. Bored, she read the long text. What did he want? The two-timing- probably married – creep. John Smith wrote a text of apology- understanding she might be somewhat angry. However, on his way to Marin, he was involved in that famous multi-car accident on Highway 280. He ended up going to the hospital with 12 other people. He spent hours in the waiting room, and emergency room, and was finally released in the wee hours of the morning with a neck injury. He been home sleeping and taking pain pills for two days and have finally surfaced after the horrific accident. His car was in the shop, he was going to get a Zip Car. He apologized again and asked if they could talk. Whoops!

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned See: The New Yorker: – The Rating App

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