How Tinder – is the night in Marin?

photo_2787_20070814I swiped right and Tinder is the Night? or Night mare?

You know – you want to do it. You want to try it.

Tinder: All the kids were doing it. Why not you?

Originally, Tinder was dubbed: Hook-Up 101  Swipe left – Not so Much – Swipe Right…Right now/ or later?

How can 50 million kids be wrong? One recent article identifies Tinder Users (TU’s) as close to 50 million people with the average user spending 90 minutes a day hiding, seeking, swiping, and hoping.

I’m on Tinder Hooks? Now What?

How does Tinder work? Sign up with your Facebook account for a level of identity verification. No, your Tinder account will not your broadcast to your Facebook friends. However be it true/flattering or not, your age and photos are scooped off of Facebook.

Tinder then matches you to other TU’s in your age range and your vicinity. Like magic, six photos of TU’s appear who match your  age /location.

Right Swipe that person’s photo to indicate interest, or Go Left if – not so much.

Now, if that cute Right Swipe of yours also swiped you Right, then, bingo! You are a match and are free to talk.

imagesswmimYou ought to be in pictures?

Fact: Your really can’t tell how tall or short a person is with snapshot…

It’s also hard to tell how “skinny or stout” your Right Swipe is until you see them up close and personal. You, the toned, climbing wall diva, is probably not going to fall for “cute and pudgy.”

In the beginning, Tinder was all about college kids – not well versed in the Golden Rule, and etiquette – but wildly pressed by peer pressure- so there was a whole lot of hurt feelings masked with a dash of  ‘cavalier.’ So much rejection – so little time.


For a Dose of Reality –  Read the insightful and sad Vanity Fair article

on HookUps and Tinder


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