First Date with a nonstop talker?

images-38Thank you, Kaylene K of Sausalito, who sends in this:

“My eHarmony First Date Story”

OR: He’s just not that into you- but, finds himself fascinating.

Our First Date: By the end of one of the most entertaining evenings of my life, my mouth hurt from smiling too much. I had an amazing meal. I’ve been in the presence of a loquacious, comedic star, shining bright; and I’d been the best audience he had known. (We split the tab)

His total lack of interest in my life doused any embers and interest in him.

As we walked out of the sublime restaurant into the whipping winds and fog of summer in Sausalito, he did say, “Kathy, you are so private. You didn’t tell me about yourself.”

I fluttered with a tiny speck of hope, and then he lapsed into another long story about his own fabulous self. His brother… His father…

C’est fini!

Thank heaven we lived in polar opposite sides of town. We agreed to separate cabs and nodded – “Lovely evening,” and big air-kisses, with an unspoken “We are so not a match. Buh bye!”

The final blessing – to alleviate any guilt or awkwardness- was when

Mr. I Love to Hear Myself Talk said, “Good night, Maureen!”

And we were off!

frog-1One Must Air-Kiss a Few of these….in the marathon of merriment. Ribit.

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