Still Single: is Netflix your BFF?

photo_1650_20060608Are you tired of Dinner for One? Are you in love with… Netflix?

 Are you bored with hanging out with your pals dreaming about dates, dinner, candlelight and kisses?


Just do it

That New Year’s Resolution to get “online” and enroll in one of the more esteemed online dating companies might take an hour of your time. Go ahead. (No, Binky, Adult Friend Finder is not the upper echelon of esteemed and respected dating sites.)

 Break the rules

When your profile is posted and you are up and running, you have to really get in the game.

Sitting back and waiting for a “Barbie” or a “Ken” doll to wink, blink, nod, or e-mail you may be painfully slow.   The sit -back -and -watch modus operandi has been known to be a dead-end and a waste of time and money. Reach out and touch someone – everyday.

Urban Myth:

Somewhere, someone dictated that it is inappropriate to scour the pictures and profiles at online dating sites on the weekend. Evidently, this is a red flag that you are not on a date! Shocking! Your presence would indicate you are actually home and on your laptop! Get over it. Break the rules and have fun. Keep it light. Have fun out there.

The Only Rule for Online Dating

The single most important rule to pay attention to is to be courteous and polite.

Oh, and be sure to use spellcheck- your new best friend.

Oh! The other thing:  If another single person contacts you – the burden is on you to respond (unless the individual is a true whack job, if so, simply ‘block’ that individual from your profile)  No lengthy essay is required- a simple one-liner expressing interest or not.

Don’t waste time

If you want just succeed in online dating- break the rules- reach out and touch someone- that is, every day: drop three people a one-line note. This is called “getting your mojo moving.” Remember: It’s a numbers game and writing a one-sentence note: how hard is that?

Seriously, there are old-fashioned – antediluvian men-(and women)  who believe a man has to be the first one to extend a greeting. Fuhgeddaboutit.

Any man who is taken aback by woman approaching him first- is a dud. Move on.

Have fun out there, break the rules, make your own rules, and heartily embrace the Golden Rule – treat others the way you want to be treated.

Onward and upward!


Let me know how that works for you:

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