OurTime: One girl’s story of woe and whoa!


OurTime.com – A waste of time? One woman’s story of  dead ends and dead beats?

The first 10 men to “wink” at her were from The A-states: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, and Alaska. She said, “So very G. U.” (Geographically Unacceptable.)

A bunch of farmers, cowboys, ranchers clicked “I’m interested.”  They apparently were from the sister website Farm-match or Western match.com and had neglected to “opt out” to be instant members of OurTime.com. There was nothing on her profile that indicated any interest in cows, cowboys, rodeos, or farm life.

In her profile, Tilley, indicated that she taught English literature at “a school in Palo Alto.”

 A Rose By Any Other Name: Then she said, there were the men with bizarre “screen names” like Lonelyandwaiting, Gspot, Ready4 fun, Snugglebunnie, Trumpet Poodle, and Justwannaluv, that were off-putting.

sad manNo boundaries?

In the interest of time, she said the flood of pictures of faces hiding behind sunglasses and hats were passed over and anybody from out-of-state – she deleted instantly. She mentioned she would only date people from the San Francisco Bay Area- within a 50 mile radius. Why did guys from Texas and Tennessee even bother? Confusing.

Did you even read my profile? Tilley mentioned her passion for the arts, travels to exotic locations (she had been to Bali, Barcelona and Iceland recently.) She said she loved ballroom dance that she’d once worked at the Smithsonian and  was writing a book on Jane Austen. Paella was her recipe du jour. She admitted to having a penchant for poets.

hats-7In two weeks, she received e-mails from men saying:

  • UR cool
  • Wow, your interesting
  • I like to dance 2
  • wanna meet? I’m buying
  • love your photo – from men posting no photo

 Every day, the fake photo-from-a-catalog, mr agi51, indicated he “Liked” her. She finally located the “Block this user” button hidden far down in the basement of the dating website and blocked the photo.

 The crowning blow was an e-mail from JohnJohn from Fremont– he had long white beard and said he “was separated-however, he and his wife shared the same house. Same bedroom.Would that be a problem?” Delete!


dead-44155__180 The plethora of dead ends, and the blinking ads all over the website prompted Tilley to throw the towel in and call it a day.

She didn’t have the time for OurTime.

A warning sign for the public


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