Top three steps to successfully quit a dating site

Quits20060522Carpe Data, darlin.

You are done. Over. C’est Fini. You gave it a month – or three – and decided to cease and desist. Online dating is not for everyone.

Plan on taking the time to erase all traces of you on that online dating site. Simply hitting the “I Quit” button doesn’t do the trick.

#1. Delete all your photos. One by one. You don’t want your photo floating in their ads or hanging around for God and everyone to see…

#2. Copy and Paste everything you have written to a Word Doc. You might, someday, want to sign up for another site and use the pithy prose you produced, again.

#3. Finally, delete every single word you wrote on your profile. If a site, like Match, insists that you have 500 characters in any mini-essay, copy and paste in The Pledge of Allegiance or Dave Barry’s definition of “What Women Want” or the opening to Kafka’s, The Trial and plug that in. As a precautionary measure, change your age, gender, and height; the more ludicrous the better.

three_sites_10Some sites make it very easy to delete and quit the site. Other sites are like sticky flypaper, they don’t want to see you leave and they attempt to stick to you with tiny floods of emails your mailbox.

(PerfectMate [icky/sticky] and Jdate are said to be the stickiest)

Leave No Trace Like any good camper, you will want to follow the “Leave no trace” philosophy. If you hung around the water-cooler chat rooms at Eharmony, and participated in rabid commentary and commented freely, understand there’s no way to erase or delete those comments –always, think before you type/speak.

Finally After you’ve done all this good work: deleted, changed, updated, and quit – go back a day later to ensure that all information has been removed. Rinse, Repeat, Delete.

Carpe Data, darlin.

 “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the                             mind on the present moment.”  

Buddhaa close up shot of the face of a buhhda statue

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